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Fundraising with Angel Club: A Lunch with Angel the Angel Recap!

Big thanks to all who dialed in for our latest virtual Lunch with Angel the Angel! Your presence and energy fuels our community. Today, we're dishing out the inside scoop on Angel Club — where founders and investors come together to turn visions into ventures.

Your Burning Question Answered:

"How does Angel Club help me create and connect with a targeted list of investors?"

Angel Club is on a mission to transform your fundraising journey from daunting to doable, supporting entrepreneurs and investors who are fundraising in this tough market. Here’s how we’re changing the game:

1. The Golden Rolodex:

Unlock exclusive access to our investor treasure trove as an Angel Club member. Think of the Angel Club Investor Database as your personalized pathway to potential partners, complete with insights on investors preferred stages, sectors, geographies, and other aspects they're looking for before they write a check. Not a member yet? There are still oceans of resources to help you begin your list-building quest here.

2. Mentor Magic:

Feeling lost? Our mentorship program, starring industry veterans and angel investing aficionados, is your compass. They’re here to help you match your business blueprint with the perfect investor profile, ensuring you don’t miss the mark. You can check out some of our Mentors here.

3. Warm Introductions Over Cold Calls:

Got your eyes on at least 20 investors? Great! Share your list, and we’ll turn up the heat with warm introductions, skyrocketing your chances of a meaningful connection.

4. The List Goes On:

Why stop at 20 when you can aim for 100? We’ll help you broaden your horizon by expanding your list of investors who are a good fit, ensuring you leave no stone unturned in your quest for the right investors.

5. Direct Line or Lifeline? You Decide:

Once we’ve beefed up your list, it’s time to reach out. Fancy reaching out directly yourself? We'll help you craft cold emails that convert into calls! Prefer we break the ice? Say no more. We’re all about making connections that count. We'll reach out to investors to see if they're open to an introduction.

6. Mix and Mingle:

Rub elbows with the best in the biz at our exclusive events and our curated introductions. It’s where deals are made, hands are shaken, and futures are shaped. Learn more about our upcoming public events here, and as a member get invited to private dinners and networking events! Members can also join our curated introductions before or during list-building. More on that here!

7. Growing Our Tribe:

Eyeing someone who’d make a stellar mentor or investor? Give us a shout. We’re always looking to welcome new faces into our fold, enriching our vibrant community.

Why Angel Club? Hear It from the Success Stories:

Don't just take our word for it—our members' triumphs speak volumes. Ready to write your own success story? Dive into our testimonials and see the difference Angel Club makes.

In a Nutshell:

Lacking a targeted investor list? Angel Club’s database is your starting block. Submit your budding list, and we’ll fan the flames, connecting you with up to 100 potential investors and mentors to catapult your pitch to new heights.

Ready to take the leap with Angel Club? We’re more than a community; we’re your co-pilots on this entrepreneurial expedition. Join us, and together, we’ll soar to new heights. Schedule a call with Jessie, our Head of Community here! 🚀


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