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LEARN to tell the right story, run the perfect process, and close your funding round fast

As a founder, you face a tougher fundraising market than anything we’ve seen in over a decade.
Investors are looking for the best of the best. That means a great business with an amazing founder and packaged in a way that shines above everyone else.
The problem is that it’s never been more confusing for founders trying to figure out what investors want.
Do you need a pitch deck? When should you share your data room? How do you get in contact with investors? What does a good fundraising process look like? Should you raise a priced round or on a SAFE? Should you focus on a lead first? How long does the process take?

These are all questions that founders face and the confusion means failure.

But here’s the good news.

There’s money out there. Deals are getting done. Rounds are being closed.
Investors want to back great founders. You just need to know how to make it happen. We want to make sure that you’re the founder that gets the funding and that TechCrunch article you deserve.
Over 3 days inside Angel Club, we will show you exactly what it takes to tell the right story, run the perfect process, and close your funding round faster. This is a members-only boot camp. Members can register here.
It’s the same process, strategy, and tactics that have helped founders raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

Join Angel Gambino and Robbie Crabtree as they put on this special 3-day event from APRIL 24-26.

What can you expect during the 3 days?


We will go over founder storytelling specifically for raising venture capital. We will help you create and refine your story for fundraising. This will be part teaching, part workshop, and an opportunity for questions throughout the 90-minute session starting at 10 am Pacific.


We will go over investor psychology and fundraising readiness. This session will show you what investors expect in a meeting with a founder, how they analyze potential deals, and what you can do to stand out from the crowd. This is a 90-minute session starting at 10 am Pacific.


We will go over the fundraising strategy to make sure you can run a smooth and efficient process. Look forward to topics including outreach strategy, how to think about angels versus institutional investors, and creating calendar density to speed up your fundraising. This is a 90-minute session starting at 10 am Pacific.

who are we?

Angel Gambino, Co-Host of Pitch Practice


Co-Host of Pitch Practice
  • LinkedIn

Angel has been an angel investor in the US, UK, and Latin America for over 16 years. She invests in inclusive teams that make the world healthier and happier. She founded Angel Club to further her mission to create more economic mobility and equity through entrepreneurship. 

As a Bay Area-based female founder and angel investor originally from Detroit, she knows first-hand what the challenges are in the startup ecosystem. She believes in utilizing network effects and community to provide greater access to capital, contacts, and coaching necessary to overcome these challenges. She won the Emerging Fund Manager of the Year award at the 500 Diversity and Inclusion Awards in 2021. 

She's been a WIRED Top 100 founder, CEO, & executive of five startups across four continents, where she raised over $30m and which sold for a combined value of over $2b. She sold her last venture to Ford in 2018. She's invested in, served on the boards of, and/or mentored hundreds of startups since the first dotcom boom in the 1990s.

She's served as a BRITS & BAFTA-winning senior executive at Paramount, the BBC, & streaming companies. Angel has served as a tech exec at Amazon and other Fortune 500 companies. She's a Partner in a venture studio working with talented teams and partners building a portfolio valued at over $8b.

Her greatest gift is seeing opportunities invisible to others and connecting the right people and resources at the right time to realize them. Her son, Bronco, might say her real talent is making killer spaghetti.

Robbie Crabtree, Co-Host of Pitch Practice


Co-Host of Pitch Practice
  • LinkedIn

Robbie Crabtree spent the first seven years of his career as a trial lawyer in Dallas, TX where he tried 102 jury trials. He specialized in violent felonies like robberies and murders before moving into the special crimes unit focused on child abuse cases. During his 16 months in that unit he tried cases of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, and child death cases.


For four years during that time he also coached the national mock trial team at SMU Law School while also teaching Trial Advocacy.


After 7 years as a trial lawyer, he decided to take on a new challenge. He first founded an edtech startup around public speaking for tech company executives and leadership that was acquired by On Deck at the end of 2020.


He then focused entirely on working with founders, CEOs, and executives to transform them into world-class storytellers and fundraisers, launching Competitive Storytelling in 2021. Over the past 2 years, Robbie has trained thousands of these leaders from startups all the way to large public companies to help them become world-class storytellers.


Founders and CEOs that he’s privately coached have raised over $330 million dollars and been backed by the biggest venture capital funds in the world. He's partnered with venture firms like Seven Seven Six and is also a venture partner at Antler.


Robbie is the author of the upcoming book titled "Competitive Storytelling: How to Tell Stories That Win."


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"In a difficult fundraising environment, who better to turn to than veterans in the ecosystem who have true experience and share all of their insights and tips-and-tricks to help you in all stages of the raising process. From 3 months before you plan to raise and how you can best equip yourself, to an in-depth playbook on how to best execute your pitch and fundraise when you are in the heat of your raise, Angel is an all-star and her Ready to Raise bootcamp is where it is at!"

Enzo Caruso

General Partner, Ekundu Capital

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