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"Angel is a complete badass of a mentor, board member, coach, friend and all around human! She's helped me grow so much as a founder and CEO. She has helped guide our focus as a company, my leadership as a CEO, and the success of our go-to-market strategy. LISTEN TO WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY! :)" 


CEO, Co-Founder, Audible Reality

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"As a mentor and advisor, Angel comes to the table with solutions to your problems! I was impressed by how quickly she can identify strategies and resources that can expedite a startup into growth stages. I came to Angel to discuss the technology innovation of my startup, and was blown away by Angel's immediate insight and vision. She was able to validate the product-market fit and then immediately made suggestions as to what avenues would be best to pursue for my business model. Angel is brilliant and a phenomenal leader."

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"As an early-stage founder and entrepreneur, I am actually swimming in advice and opportunities to up my game in all domains. I've learned to take advice and network selectively, filtering the signal from the noise. I have curated a few key networks and resources in my toolkit as a startup CEO. I am so glad to have found Angel and AngelClub. In a very short time, I've been amazed by the quality and precision of connections I've made through AngelClub. The range and number of events and resources Angel and team provide, for a very modest subscription, is impressive. I've already received plenty of value to give me an ROI on money and, probably more importantly as a founder, my time. Thank you Angel!"

Ian Storrar

CEO, Co-Founder, thisspace

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"Such an incredible value add! Not only does Angel participate frequently and offer her time and mentorship, but she has also built a star-studded cast around her that you can tap-into for incredible insight on any particular topics you may want to explore. Extremely valuable club to be a part of, Thank You Angel!"

Enzo Caruso

General Partner, Ekundu Capital

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"Angel is that rare combination of creative and pragmatic. An empathetic listener and down-to-earth problem-solver, Angel draws on her fascinatingly eclectic career in business and tech to offer thoughtful advice. Gifted in both strategy and tactics, Angel is able to help workshop a momentary hurdle or the high-level company vision - and she does it with a sense of humor that puts the problems in perspective. A social super connector, Angel is generous in helping us meet people who can help us along the way."


Co-Founder, Aconite

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"Really love what Angel has created. Not only is Angel an amazing mentor, but she has brought together such a supportive community of founders and investors. I love meeting new connections (founders and potential investors) through the AI powered Intro calls. I love the conversations happening in the WhatsApp chat. I’ve learned so much from the coaching, feedback and multitude of resources that are in the club. Angel and her team really want you to succeed and you can feel it. 


If you are a founder of a startup you will feel like you found your tribe who not only have your back but they have the connections to propel you and your business to the next level."

Jane Goodrich

Founder/CEO, Picsello

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"This is so exciting! The resources you are providing are incredible. Thank you!"


Co-founder, Zenpalz

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"This is the community where I'm most active. The curated contacts and introductions are everything."

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