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Meet Angel Gambino

Founder of Angel Club
Investor, Entrepreneur, Executive & Community Builder

I founded Angel Club to further my mission to create more economic mobility and equity through entrepreneurship. As a female founder and angel investor from Detroit, I know first-hand what the challenges are in the startup ecosystem. I believe in utilizing network effects and community to provide greater access to capital, contacts and coaching necessary to overcome these challenges.

My greatest gift is seeing opportunities invisible to others & connecting the right people at the right time to realize them.

I've been a WIRED Top 100 founder, CEO, & executive of five startups across four continents, where I raised over $30m & which sold for a combined value of over $2b.

I served as a BRITS & BAFTA-winning senior executive at Viacom, the BBC, & streaming companies. I've invested in and/or mentored hundreds of startups & provided fractional leadership to Fortune 500 companies.

I’m a venture builder working with talented teams and partners building a portfolio valued at over $8b. As an angel investor, I invest in inclusive teams that make the world healthier & happier. I think my son, Bronco, might say my real talent is making killer spaghetti.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey. I can assure you it will be fun and impactful.

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