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Angel Club members have the benefit of scheduling
1:1 calls with all of our Mentors!
Angel Gambino - Founder of Angel Club

Angel Gambino

Angel the angel investor is a community builder, serial entrepreneur, venture studio partner, and content & tech executive. Her greatest gift is seeing opportunities where others see problems and curating the right people and resources to build and scale new ventures.

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1:1 mentorship is one of the many benefits of our inclusive community



Explore and select a Mentor or plan to meet with all of the Mentors from our handpicked list of seasoned investors, founders, & experts



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LiLing Poh
  • LinkedIn

Talk to LiLing about:

  • ​Partnering with founders and investors to map growth

  • Investment strategy

  • Advise on any potential roadblocks ahead

Patrick Driscoll
  • LinkedIn

Talk to Patrick about:

  • ​Product

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Hiring

Veronica Juarez
  • LinkedIn

Social enterprise investor

Talk to Veronica about:

  • ​Social Enterprise

  • ​Social Impact

  • ​Public Policy & Regulatory hurdles

Rodrick Miller
  • LinkedIn

Talk to Rodrick about:

  • ​How to tap into government & public programs

  • ​Staff development & quality hiring

  • ​Accessing growth capital

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Brahm Rhodes
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Brahm about:

  • Fundraising

  • Product Development

  • GTM/operations

  • AI/ML, Responsible AI

Jayme Johnson
  • LinkedIn

Talk to Jayme about:

  • ​​​Branding for optimum audience engagement

  • ​​​Digital marketing strategies - social media, email, and paid advertising

  • ​​​Book & online course launch strategy

Kristine Mudd
  • LinkedIn

Founder, Muddpuppy

Talk to Kristine about:

  • ​​Product Market Fit/ Signal Testing

  • ​​Design and CX

  • ​​Pitch deck feedback

Mike Jbara
  • LinkedIn


Talk to Mike about:

  • ​​Managing Finances & Operations

  • ​​Managing Boards & Investors

  • ​​Media Asset Rights & Licensing

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Mentor Headshots (1).png
Rachel Bassignani
  • LinkedIn

Founder, The Catalyst

Talk to Rachel about:

  • ​​Organization development (org structure, roles, and building and managing teams from 1-100)

  • ​​Strategic communication, conflict management, and negotiations.

  • ​​Board and investor management

Stephen Price
  • LinkedIn

Head, Corporate Innovation, Founders Institute

Talk to Stephen about:

  • ​Co-Founders (finding, why & conflicts)

  • ​Bootstrapping vs Raising

  • ​Building the Right Team

Don F. McLean
  • LinkedIn

Founder, McLean Media

​Talk to Don about:

  • ​Publicity + maximizing media coverage

  • ​Developing a layer announcement strategy and content calendar for your brand

  • ​Identifying on-target speaking engagements

  • ​Finding relevant awards to win!

Ben Keen
  • LinkedIn

Board Advisor

Founders can talk to Ben about: 

  • ​Understanding the market landscape

  • ​Finding strategic partners to accelerate growth

  • ​Being an experienced sounding board for strategic decisions

Investors can talk to Ben about:

  • ​Understanding the market landscape

  • ​Identifying exciting new opportunities

  • ​Conducting due diligence on investment prospects

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Mentor Headshots (12).png
Ben Perreau
  • LinkedIn

Principal Consultant, SYPartners

Talk to Ben about:

  • Pitch deck feedback

  • Fundraising strategies

  • What's going on in corporate-land

  • Innovation + creativity at the heart of product management

  • Leadership and organizational culture

  • Business strategy

Olga Duka
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Olga about:

  • Investable shape

  • Pitch prep

  • Investor viewpoint

  • Business strategy

Renee Valdez
  • LinkedIn

SVP of Product, Tuned

​Talk to Renee about:

  • Product market fit

  • Product strategy

  • User experience

  • Emerging technologies

Steven Roussey
  • LinkedIn

Managing Partner, Embarc Capital

​Talk to Steven about:

  • Management of technical teams

KylePark_OGeditBW - Edited.png
Jim Brenner
  • LinkedIn

Partner, Perkins Coie LLP

​Talk to Jim about:

  • Formations

  • Venture Financings (Convertibles & Priced Rounds)

  • Corporate Governance

  • Equity Compensation

  • M&A Transactions

Sara Payan
  • LinkedIn

Cannabis & SME Advisor 

​Talk to Sara about:

  • Product development

  • Outreach

  • Vetting and connecting potential companies

  • Media strategies

  • Differentiation strategies

  • Consumer trends

  • Education for the medicinal and adult-use markets

Kyle Park
  • LinkedIn

Co-founder + Managing Parter,

Harvest Management Partners

​Talk to Kyle about:

  • ​Advising on the Complete M&A Process (before, during and after) 

  • ​Creating/Developing “on-point” Marketing Materials

  • ​Finding a “strategic buyer”

  • ​​Negotiating the terms and conditions

  • ​​Celebrating a Successful Close!

Melissa McCool
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Melissa about:

  • Founder wellbeing and mental health

  • ​​Herding cats and keeping the team focused

  • ​​Identifying and developing your whisper

AkinwaleMuse_OGedit - Edited.png
Tamara Thompson
Akinwale Muse
  • LinkedIn

Founding Partner, Founders' Box

​Talk to Akinwale about:

  • Valuation

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

  • Pitch Deck Feedback

Volker Hirsch
  • LinkedIn

Venture Partner, Amadeus Capital

​Talk to Volker about:

  • Pitch critique/prep

  • Fundraising strategy

  • Strategic positioning

  • Business modelling

Tamara Thompson
  • LinkedIn
Laurel Mintz
  • LinkedIn

General Partner, Fabric VC

​Talk to Laurel about:

  • Pitching

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

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Mentor Headshots (17).png
Todd Johnson
  • LinkedIn

Angel Investor & Product, SoFi

Hema Vallabh
  • LinkedIn
Shaydi DeJesus
  • LinkedIn
Elizabeth Moody
  • LinkedIn
Mentor Headshots (15).png
Jagruti Bhikha
Rajan Kasetty
  • LinkedIn

Partner, The 22 Fund

  • LinkedIn
Guy Holmes

VC & Business Strategist

Vanessa Camones
  • LinkedIn
Jagruti Bhikha
  • LinkedIn

Angel Investor & Director, Infosys

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IMG_2149 - Alex Hantman_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
Kyle Hermans
  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder, Be Courageous

Alex Hantman
  • LinkedIn

Angel Investor & Founder 

Julia Van de Walle
  • LinkedIn

GC, Sway Ventures and Carmenta Management

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