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Angel Club members have the benefit of scheduling
1:1 calls with all of our Mentors!

Angel Gambino

Angel the angel investor is a community builder, serial entrepreneur, venture studio partner, and content & tech executive. Her greatest gift is seeing opportunities where others see problems and curating the right people and resources to build and scale new ventures.

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1:1 mentorship is one of the many benefits of our inclusive community



Explore and select a Mentor or plan to meet with all of the Mentors from our handpicked list of seasoned investors, founders, & experts



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LiLing Poh
  • LinkedIn

Talk to LiLing about:

  • ​Partnering with founders and investors to map growth

  • Investment strategy

  • Advise on any potential roadblocks ahead

Patrick Driscoll
  • LinkedIn

Talk to Patrick about:

  • ​Product

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Hiring

Veronica Juarez
  • LinkedIn

Social enterprise investor

Talk to Veronica about:

  • ​Social Enterprise

  • ​Social Impact

  • ​Public Policy & Regulatory hurdles

Rodrick Miller
  • LinkedIn

Talk to Rodrick about:

  • ​How to tap into government & public programs

  • ​Staff development & quality hiring

  • ​Accessing growth capital

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Brahm Rhodes
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Brahm about:

  • Fundraising

  • Product Development

  • GTM/operations

  • AI/ML, Responsible AI

Jayme Johnson
  • LinkedIn

Talk to Jayme about:

  • ​​​Branding for optimum audience engagement

  • ​​​Digital marketing strategies - social media, email, and paid advertising

  • ​​​Book & online course launch strategy

Kristine Mudd
  • LinkedIn

Founder, Muddpuppy

Talk to Kristine about:

  • ​​Product Market Fit/ Signal Testing

  • ​​Design and CX

  • ​​Pitch deck feedback

Mike Jbara
  • LinkedIn


Talk to Mike about:

  • ​​Managing Finances & Operations

  • ​​Managing Boards & Investors

  • ​​Media Asset Rights & Licensing

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Mentor Headshots (1).png
Rachel Bassignani
  • LinkedIn

Founder, The Catalyst

Talk to Rachel about:

  • ​​Organization development (org structure, roles, and building and managing teams from 1-100)

  • ​​Strategic communication, conflict management, and negotiations.

  • ​​Board and investor management

Stephen Price
  • LinkedIn

Head, Corporate Innovation, Founders Institute

Talk to Stephen about:

  • ​Co-Founders (finding, why & conflicts)

  • ​Bootstrapping vs Raising

  • ​Building the Right Team

Don F. McLean
  • LinkedIn

Founder, McLean Media

​Talk to Don about:

  • ​Publicity + maximizing media coverage

  • ​Developing a layer announcement strategy and content calendar for your brand

  • ​Identifying on-target speaking engagements

  • ​Finding relevant awards to win!

Ben Keen
  • LinkedIn

Board Advisor

Founders can talk to Ben about: 

  • ​Understanding the market landscape

  • ​Finding strategic partners to accelerate growth

  • ​Being an experienced sounding board for strategic decisions

Investors can talk to Ben about:

  • ​Understanding the market landscape

  • ​Identifying exciting new opportunities

  • ​Conducting due diligence on investment prospects

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Mentor Headshots (18).png
Mentor Headshots (12).png
Ben Perreau
  • LinkedIn

Principal Consultant, SYPartners

Talk to Ben about:

  • Pitch deck feedback

  • Fundraising strategies

  • What's going on in corporate-land

  • Innovation + creativity at the heart of product management

  • Leadership and organizational culture

  • Business strategy

Olga Duka
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Olga about:

  • Investable shape

  • Pitch prep

  • Investor viewpoint

  • Business strategy

Renee Valdez
  • LinkedIn

SVP of Product, Tuned

​Talk to Renee about:

  • Product market fit

  • Product strategy

  • User experience

  • Emerging technologies

Steven Roussey
  • LinkedIn

Managing Partner, Embarc Capital

​Talk to Steven about:

  • Management of technical teams

KylePark_OGeditBW - Edited.png
Jim Brenner
  • LinkedIn

Partner, Perkins Coie LLP

​Talk to Jim about:

  • Formations

  • Venture Financings (Convertibles & Priced Rounds)

  • Corporate Governance

  • Equity Compensation

  • M&A Transactions

Sara Payan
  • LinkedIn

Cannabis & SME Advisor 

​Talk to Sara about:

  • Product development

  • Outreach

  • Vetting and connecting potential companies

  • Media strategies

  • Differentiation strategies

  • Consumer trends

  • Education for the medicinal and adult-use markets

Kyle Park
  • LinkedIn

Co-founder + Managing Parter,

Harvest Management Partners

​Talk to Kyle about:

  • ​Advising on the Complete M&A Process (before, during and after) 

  • ​Creating/Developing “on-point” Marketing Materials

  • ​Finding a “strategic buyer”

  • ​​Negotiating the terms and conditions

  • ​​Celebrating a Successful Close!

Melissa McCool
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Melissa about:

  • Founder wellbeing and mental health

  • ​​Herding cats and keeping the team focused

  • ​​Identifying and developing your whisper

AkinwaleMuse_OGedit - Edited.png
Akinwale Muse
  • LinkedIn

Partner, FbX.

​Talk to Akinwale about:

  • Valuation

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Positioning

  • Pitch Deck Feedback

Teresa Bigelow
  • LinkedIn

Lead Publicist & Founder, Spiral5

Talk to Teresa about:

  • PR Strategies

  • Media Relations

  • Messaging and Corporate Communications 

  • Narrative Creation

  • Story Angles 

Marcia Dawood
  • LinkedIn

Venture Partner, Mindshift Capital; Advisor to the SEC

Talk to Marcia about:

  • Cap Tables

  • Pitch Decks

  • Strategy

  • Financials

Tess Krasne
  • LinkedIn

Principal, Alante Capital

Talk to Tess about:

  • Developing pitch decks / strategic communication

  • Navigating the VC / startup ecosystem with a non-traditional background or as a person from an underrepresented group

  • Diversifying executive leadership, pipeline, portfolio

VH 2019 SQ SM - Volker Hirsch_edited_edited.png
Daniel Tarockoff
  • LinkedIn

Partner, Vine Ventures

​Talk to Daniel about:

  • Pitch deck review

  • Discussing challenges

  • 1-1 therapy/complaining

Hilary St Jean
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Hilary about:

  • Strategic planning (whether regarding corporate structuring and governance; financing and venture capital; or short term and long term exit planning)

  • Startup and emerging company work

  • Commercial agreements

David Baird
  • LinkedIn

CEO & Headhunter

​Talk to David about:

  • Helping with building teams and finding candidates that are passively looking

  • Working with new founders to perfect their pitch deck, intro deck, one sheet summary, and financial projections

  • Work with investors when they are looking for opportunities to invest in and those interested in becoming advisors for upcoming startups

Volker Hirsch
  • LinkedIn

Venture Partner, Amadeus Capital

​Talk to Volker about:

  • Pitch critique/prep

  • Fundraising strategy

  • Strategic positioning

  • Business modelling

Tamara Thompson
Mentor Headshots (17).png
Laurel Mintz
  • LinkedIn

General Partner, Fabric VC

​Talk to Laurel about:

  • Pitching

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

Vanessa Camones
  • LinkedIn

​Talk to Vanessa about:

  • Go to market

  • Messaging

  • POC

  • Fundraising

  • Coaching

Tamara Thompson
  • LinkedIn
Elizabeth Moody
  • LinkedIn
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Mentor Headshots (15).png
Rajan Kasetty
  • LinkedIn

Partner, The 22 Fund

Hema Vallabh
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn
Guy Holmes

VC & Business Strategist

Mentor Headshots (19).png
Jagruti Bhikha
IMG_2149 - Alex Hantman_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
Todd Johnson
  • LinkedIn

Angel Investor & Product, SoFi

Shaydi DeJesus
  • LinkedIn
Jagruti Bhikha
  • LinkedIn

Angel Investor & Director, Infosys

Alex Hantman
  • LinkedIn

Angel Investor & Founder 

Mentor Headshots (16).png
Kyle Hermans
  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder, Be Courageous

Angel club mentorship FAQ

  • How does a 1:1 video call work?
    Browse our list of seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and experts. After choosing the right Mentor for you, join Angel Club to take advantage of this members-only benefit. Then, book a 1:1 video call with any or all of the Mentors you choose. At the time of the appointment, join the live 1:1 video call, ask the Mentor your questions, and get personalized high-quality advice!
  • How long are the calls?
    Most of our experts offer 1:1 video mentorship calls for 30 minutes. During the booking the process, you will be able to select the day and time that works for you.
  • How much can we accomplish in a virtual call?
    Most of our members have given five-star reviews for their 1:1 video mentorship calls. Many members have booked multiple sessions with each Mentor, because their experiences were so valuable and inspiring. Most members book 30 minute sessions at a time.
  • Can I book a Mentor more than once?
    Yes. Many members book the same Mentors regularly. There are no limits.
  • Why are these Mentors doing this?
    Our Mentors support our mission to create more economic mobility and equity through entrepreneurship. Our Mentors are servant leaders who want to improve our world by helping entrepreneurs and angel investors transform their dreams into reality. In short, they get energized by helping others. They love to connect with like-minded individuals who are shaping our world through entrepreneurial innovation.
  • What timezones are the video calls based in?
    All of the times presented are in Pacific Standard Time.
  • Do you support international Members?
    Yes! Most of our members are concentrated in the US, UK, and Canada, but we also have members in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and LATAM!
  • What if a Mentor is completely booked?
    Many of our Mentors book calls quickly. You can wait until they unlock more sessions, book a call with another Mentor, join our WhatsApp group to ask Mentors questions there, or join Angel’s monthly virtual Lunch open office hours.
  • Can I reschedule or cancel my call?
    Yes. You can reschedule calls at least 48 hours beforehand. While unlimited Mentorship is a an Angel Club member benefit, for any cancellations, or reschedules within 48 hours of the session, we do charge a fee. All cancellations or reschedules must be confirmed via email with our Head of Community.


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