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Angel Club Events - the community where Founders meet Angel Investors

founder Angel Gambino

Welcome to where the magic happens!

You are now in a place where networking is more than exchanging business cards and QR codes, and learning is more than leaning back at a lecture. We are focused on handcrafting future outcomes and forging alliances. This is a place where knowledge and networks give you an edge in the market.

In the insanely competitive startup ecosystem, it is not just what you know but who you know that catapults you to the next level. We help founders meet angel investors by focusing on turning conversations into outcomes. Now, exclusive events become your playground for networking opportunities, where every handshake could be the next milestone for your startup or portfolio.

Hear from our founder how our events help Founders meet Angel Investors.

“These events create a community where knowledge, networks, and opportunities converge to create outcomes for angel investors and founders that drive economic equity and mobility. With nearly two decades of experience as a multi-exited entrepreneur and angel investor, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges and triumphs of building and investing in companies around the world. My journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and the importance of fostering relationships that transcend borders and socio-economic backgrounds. Joining us on this audacious journey means every interaction has the potential to help you achieve your goals and redefine the future of business and dare I say it, the world.” ANGEL GAMBINO, Founder of Angel Club

What you gain by joining Angel Club Networking events

Each gathering is meticulously crafted not just to dazzle but deliver:

  • Networking, Redefined Say goodbye to awkward introductions. Serendipity meets strategy in our events, enabling you to convert contacts into trusted relationships.

  • Exclusive, Yet Inclusive Enter a world where exclusivity meets inclusivity—a sanctuary for the visionaries and the dreamers, for the ones who dare to deliver.

  • Fundraising’s New Frontier Open doors to investment opportunities with a cocktail or coffee in one hand and raw ambition in the other. We are turning pitches into conversations and transactions into partnerships.

  • A Catalyst for Growth Whether you are nurturing a fledgling startup or a new angel investor looking to amplify your investment impact, we provide the soil and seeds for your next growth spurt.

Hear from our attendees

"As an early-stage founder, I've learned to take advice and network selectively, filtering the signal from the noise. I am so glad to have found Angel and Angel Club. In a very short time, I've been amazed by the quality and precision of connections I've made through Angel Club." Ian Storrar, CEO, Co-Founder, thisspace

Read more testimonials here.

The Clock is Ticking—Get Ready!

This is not your ordinary rendezvous. This is where dreams turn into deadlines. 

Don’t just stand on the sidelines wondering "What if?". Dive in head and heart first. 

Curious? Tempted? Excited? All of the above? Get ready to find your tribe and vibe. 

Register now for upcoming Angel Club Events, where every moment is ripe with potential. Secure your spot among our next event's seasoned investors, founders, and mentors.


Your next big breakthrough may be one event away.

Got questions about Angel Club or our events?

Schedule a call with our Head of Community here.


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