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Activating Peak Performance with Kyle Hermans

Kyle Hermans, CEO, and Co-Founder at Be Courageous, is on a mission to activate a billion moments of courage. In an exclusive Angel Club AMA session, Kyle joined us to share how to reframe your mental models, hack your rituals, and elevate your energy to reach new levels of performance.

Mental Models

Kyle looks at life in chapters. Not chapters of moments or age, but chapters of mental models: the thought patterns, behaviors, and perceptions that set the framework for how we make decisions. “We all have mental models…and they shift constantly,” Kyle says. “You have to recalibrate your perception of the way things are because the way we start is often not the same way that's going to get us to that new chapter or next level.”

The mastery of your mental models, and willingness to change them, is what will get you to the next level. Take a video game for example– Kyle illustrates that “games have levels. When you start, you gather information, knowledge, and artifacts to solve challenges that are preparing you for the final scene of that level. When you overcome those challenges, the portal opens, and you go to the next level.”

The same is true for building and scaling your business. You have to understand the level you are working towards and what it requires, and then master your prioritization and decision-making to get you there. Ask yourself: what is the challenge, what is the mindset, and what can you acquire to conquer the challenge and access the next level?

Hacking Your Rituals

As a founder, you often have a million tasks coming at you a million miles a minute. To action your tasks more efficiently, Kyle says to hack your environment, priorities, and rituals by ordering them in a way that allows you to choose and complete tasks based on where your energy is at in that moment.

“Create two piles: things that you need to focus on and things that you’re working on right now, and then grab the thing that you have the most energy towards in that moment,” Kyle says.

Our time often gets wasted by forcing ourselves to complete a task that we are not in the headspace for. For example, if you have a creative project, but are feeling more tactical, choose a tactical task. “Tap into who you are in the moment and where your energy is at,” Kyle says. Get clear on who you are, what energy you have, and what you can best put out into the world, and then prioritize your day accordingly.

Elevating your Energy to Activate Peak Performance

“When we talk about high performance, what we're really talking about is how do you elevate and succeed beyond the standard while maintaining a positive relationship with yourself and others,” Kyle says.

Kyle has worked with thousands of teams over the last few years, and if there’s one thing that he’s learned it’s that, “we will always recalibrate our energy to the lowest common denominator in any environment with other human beings.”

We carry our energy with us wherever we go. When we are in an internal state of punishing and negative self-talk, our energy diminishes along with our passion and creativity. You have to recalibrate and find whatever it is that helps hit that reset button. For Kyle, “the fastest way to recalibrate back to a more human-based equilibrium is to step outside.” Take 30 minutes to step away, change your environment, and remind yourself of your purpose. What are you here for? Why did you start in the first place?

When your mind, body, and spirit are aligned with your purpose, and you are in an environment of collaboration and creativity, that’s when you start to feel the energy shift. “I think that's one of the pillars of real performance,” Kyle says. “Making sure that you are in love with life when you're at your optimal state of alignment. If you're hating life, but performing well, then you’re not really at peak performance. Peak performance is feeling positive and uplifted emotionally while managing the most extreme chaos.”

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